Friday, July 27, 2018

TEAM Building

What is a TEAM to you?  A group of individuals who come together for a common goal.

Would you consider that you are apart of a team in your family, on your job and even in your neighborhood?  It's true!  Though not in the traditional sense of how we probably limit the concept of team building to sports environments, we can use the same concepts to build stronger relationships in ALL areas of our lives.  Watch this video by KBJ Academy owners Kevin and Brenita Jackson to dive deeper into how we should look at our TEAM!

After deciding that you want to build a SUCCESSFUL team, have you had an opportunity to dive into the various areas that could affect your team?  Take some time to consider the people around you and the relationships you have.  Do they work with you or against you?

Consider your adversity and hurdles that would come your way and how would you work to grow through those challenges.  Are you surrounded by a team of people that will work with you to achieve your goals.  

How are you building your team?