Saturday, April 22, 2017


One thing that I always enjoyed about playing sports was being apart of something that was bigger than me.  I truly believe that anyone who has ever been apart of a team, understands how that dynamic can help you get through the highs and lows of life.  You draw closer together during loss and you celebrate with each other when you succeed. Things that seem impossible alone, become attainable when we know someone is there to support us.  It becomes your community.

As we continue to grow older, we move at times and join new communities.  We have some people leave our communities.  I believe one of the most valuable things we can create in any job, school or neighborhood is to establish a sense of community.  When you have a community, you have unity. You have people who care for one another.  You will also have people that support you even when you feel like giving up.  The best part about a community is that you are never alone.  You have people that look forward to seeing you and miss you when you are gone.  Who doesn't want to belong to a community?  We were created to connect with one another.

We at KBJ Academy are working on building our community and we want you to know what we are doing.  Your support is appreciated by both of us - Kevin & Brenita Jackson.  We want to support your business, family, work, church or school just as much as you have for us.

How can we stay connected?  You can E-mail us at kbjacademy to subscribe to our e-mail list.  You can also connect with us on Facebook.  Also you can call or text 469-844-8KBJ anytime.  Thank you again for supporting the KBJ community!