Saturday, February 4, 2017

Who said Teaching was limited to the classroom?

Kevin Jackson and I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach basketball to players for well over a decade.  I know that coaching can include so many things, but to the heart of coaching is teaching.  Our experience of running summer basketball camps, or offering individual and group skills training sessions will now be made available to the DFW area by simply booking the date and time that works best for you!

Camps and Group Training Sessions will divide players up by age level in order to teach them.  Seed level (Ages 5-7) will teach basic fundamentals of basketball and ignite a love for playing.  Root level (Ages 8-10) teaches all skills and techniques focusing on proper form and execution of drills in a fun and engaging way.  Stem level (Ages 11-13) will teach more in depth sills, technique and increased basketball IQ.  Tree level (Ages 14-17) will engage players both mentally and physically to perform at their peak during training which will teach them elite level training.  

Training will always include honest evaluations and information on how to take your game to the next level!  

We believe in teaching life skills through basketball at KBJ Academy and our coaches Kevin and Brenita Jackson offer skills training for ages 5 and older.  

We have extensive experience training players in college looking to prepare for their next season.  We have also trained players preparing to perform at pro-combines or heading overseas to play professionally.  You can e-mail to book your skill development session at any level!  Happy Hoops to you all!  Go KBJ!

-Brenita Jackson