Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Guards Score From Anywhere

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When it comes to the game of basketball and you think of scoring from the guard position, one of the first things that will come to most people's minds is scoring from the 3pt line. Guard play in basketball has become attached to the word "perimeter" especially in todays game because of high volume 3pt shooting. Over the years as a basketball coach, I have always believe that guards have the whole "94ft" to score the basketball and every guard that I have ever coached, I've trained with that mentality.

I know that when it comes to the make-up of a basketball team, every player has a certain role to fulfill. Some players play in the paint, some facilitate, some are go to scorers, some are a specific scoring specialist, or some may be a defensive stopper. When it comes to scoring at the guard position, if you have a willing and capable guard on your team, I believe you should train them to be a well rounded scorer. Even if your guard is a 3pt specialist, they can still develop to be a well rounded scorer. "They will just be a 3pt specialist who can also score from other areas" hints, Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors. Klay is the perfect example of a 3pt specialist who can also score in the mid-range, off the dribble, and get to the rim for a layup.

Here are some areas to work on with your guards when it comes to being an all around scorer:

1. Attacking the basket
2. Low Post scoring
3. Mid-Range jumpers
4. 3pt shooting
5. 3pt shooting off penetration
6. Half court shot
7. Full court shot
8. Jump shooting off penetration
9. Attacking basket off a ball screen
10. Jump shooting off a ball screen
11. Pick & Pop
12. Catch & Shoot off down, cross, flare screens