Tuesday, December 6, 2016


UNITY is one of the necessities that every person should seek in all areas of life.  It means together or joined as a whole.  Combined.  Oneness of mind.  On one accord.  In harmony!   Here is my take on unity and how it relates to different areas of life:

  1. Unity in relationships requires each person to put down selfishness and embrace their partner's needs.  Each person should look for ways to uplift and elevate their loved one.  If you have been in a relationship with someone for at least a year and you look back to evaluate their input in your life, did they help you through a hardship or were they no where to be found when you needed them most? I also believe that you cannot support someone else in a time of need unless you first listen.  You cannot be so quick to talk, or offer your suggestion to fix it.  Most people in pain just want to be heard and know that someone has their back.  The person who is committed through the highs and lows of life is someone who is showing unity. Anybody who is here today am doing gone tomorrow-doesn't deserve your energy so consider who you unite yourself with.
  2. Unity in teams requires each person to set aside their individual ambitions to pursue the common goals of the team.  What are the goals that the team wants to accomplish?  Without considering any individual accolades, can you truly commit yourself to giving your best effort in pursuit of reaching the goals of the team?  If not, then unity is not going to happen and winning could also be effected.  
  3. Unity on jobs for employees is so crucial!  Probably one of the least discussed words in any workplace is unity but without it, your company will crumble!  I have worked for many companies that were in good and bad financial situations and the great equalizer in each company was unity being present or absent.  Unity will cause your employees to stay late to make sure deadlines are met.  Why?  Because they are not just doing it for the business to succeed alone, but because they are united with their co-workers and they understand that if this business goes under - it will impact the lives of everyone here and everyone we are connected to! 

Unity in relationships, on teams or on jobs is one in the same.  Let's view it from the large view perspective and take a step back out of the right now through a few mock scenarios that a united mindset would view on success:

"If I give my best to this team and we win a championship, although I don't desire to play college sports - I know Sean does.  Getting to that championship tournament will put him in front of the best college recruiters in the state and give him the opportunity he needs to be the first in his family to go to college.  I want to see him succeed and be great."

"If I leave early today instead of finishing my project on time, I will cause Sasha to run behind on her deadline as well.  I know she is planning a wedding so I don't want to add any additional stress on her during this season.  Let me go ahead and get this done today so we can move forward on time."

"This morning has been crazy, I got yelled at by my boss and two clients called to complain about our services.  I feel like quitting - but I cannot do that.  We have so many other clients that depend on us and I have 20 other employees that depend on me being here to do my job.  If I leave, someone else will have to pick up my work and complete it which could put everyone behind.  It could also cause them to miss out on family time because they are here at work after hours fixing a problem I caused."

"After 10 years of marriage and two children, I just feel drained.  I want to start over and start fresh with someone who gets me.  If I do that, I will cause pain to my wife, my children and all of my in-laws because now someone else will have to be there to support my family because I wasn't there for them.  I am not going to bring hurt to my family, instead I am going to bring them healing."

These are just some mock scenarios that you could be wrestling with and the bottom line is - when unity is in place, we think about our actions and how they can impact the life of someone else.  So at your next meeting, I implore you to find ways to unite your team, staff or family.  Ask them for suggestions on what would make them give more commitment and be willing to do some of the answers.  Maybe not all of them but you would be showing unity by embracing their suggestions as well.  Hope you enjoyed this read and please tell somebody you know about KBJ Academy!