Sunday, October 23, 2016

Adapting To Change

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What is change? Do you have difficulty adapting to change? Are you adapting to positive or negative changes?  
     When trying to adapt to a change of scenery or environment and we are having trouble adapting, sometimes to find our way we simply have to ask ourselves those questions. First, let's look at what does Change mean? Change means to make or become different.  In this world there are a lot of things, people, and places that go through changes.  Through all changes to some degree there is an adaptation process that goes along with it.  Let's look at the word AdaptAdapt means to become adjusted to new conditions.  Now for many of us, we experience some big changes in our lifetime that we have to adapt to.  Some big changes we all experience in our lifetime are; getting a new job, getting a new home, moving to a new city, attending a new church, or having a new baby.  Talk about adapting! There are many more changes we experience in our lives but the ones mentioned can be very scary or even just plan ole hard to adjust to.
     God gave us all the ability to adapt to things now whether we make it hard on ourselves to adapt to change or not is a different story. We all know that change can be negative or a positive change which on one hand can contribute or not to adapting to change.  I myself, have gone through many changes in my life from jobs to you name it and some were positive and some were negative and that adapt process was sometimes difficult and sometimes smooth. I can honestly say that lessons were learned sometimes the hard way but I'm glad I learned them.  I want to give you a few tips on how you can make that adaptation process go a little more smoother if you are having difficult times with changes in your life and I also hope that your changes becomes positive ones if they are not already.

1.) Understand what the words Change and Adapt really mean. You really can't do anything about what you don't understand. 
2.) God needs to be the #1 source in your life. If God is the #1 source, then He will order your steps, cast away your fears, give you clear and efficient direction on decisions and again with all change comes some adapting; God surly will teach you how you need to adapt to different changes.
3.) Ask yourself; Are you making it difficult for yourself to adapt to changes? Sometimes we can get in our own way and we need to order things within ourselves to find our way.
4.) Ask yourself; Are the changes you are dealing with positive or negative? Is that what's causing me difficulties to adapt? With a lot of negative changes that we may have to go through in our lives, they may be out of our control as far as who developed the change to began with. Know that you, yourself don't have to conform to change if I can ease a little pressure. At that point, you can plan a positive change within yourself that will help you adapt to that negative change that will soon enough turn positive. 

     I wanted to take the time to share a few things that I have learned over the years about adapting to change.  I hope that this does help someone and I want to encourage you to not grow weary in good deeds and keep God first in your life. Although there are going to be harder times then others, know that you always can rely on God and you have all the tools to get through any situation that you may be facing.