Saturday, June 25, 2016

Working Relationships

Are you struggling with a current working relationship or maybe struggling with ending a relationship? I am here to let you know that there are plenty of ways to maintain a great working relationship with others and also there are ways to end a relationship with others. In this post I want to share with you a breakdown of ways to maintain a great working relationship from the leaders to the ones working with them.

Maintaining A Relationship
Great working relationships are very vital to the success of an organization and also can be very nurturing for the individuals involved. Now, some of you may have heard these elements before but some elements that I have always attempted to implement in my working relationships are: Trust, Respect, Empowerment, Sincerity, and Love. Let's look at each element here in a little detail.

 1. Trust - Any kind of relationship will struggle without trusting the person you are working with. Trust works both ways, the leader has to have trust with those who are working under them and the ones that are working under them need to trust the leader as well. So many times trust is slighted in only one direction which is usually in the direction of the leader. There is nothing wrong with this because everyone wants to be around people they can trust but you as a leader need to be trusted as well. Trust both ways will produce balance in the relationship but just remember that trust is earned both ways.

2. Respect - What a great word Respect is! Without respect there is no relationship. It's easy for a leader to be respected by the ones under them but it's not as easy sometimes as a leader to respect the ones that are under them. Respect has to go both ways. "I respect what you do, you respect what I do." Mutual respect in a relationship can limit jealousy which is something that tends to just ware down a lot of working relationships. Mutual respect can also keep both individual's confidence levels high which can lead to massive productivity.

3. Empowerment - I have always been a firm believer in empowering the ones I work with or ones working under me. A leader already has the "power" in a sense, but the ones who work under them have to be empowered. I like to think of it this way, I empower my leader to lead me in a positive way that I am growing and confident that I am doing my part to achieve our goals. As a leader, I empower others ideas, gifts, and their specialties which are going to be used to blossom our overall task or goal.  I know that will help them grow and be confident as well. Empowerment can link so many positive elements in a working relationship. To Empower is to give ownership.

4. Sincerity - Be sincere about about your relationship. This element is important because this will block hidden agendas with people. Leaders be sincere to those under you and those who are being lead should be sincere about your leader. A sincere person does not want to see anyone fall but only to rise. If both parties thought this way, rising together and the overall success of the organization can surly be attained. Sincerity is a true strength in a working relationship and will allow you to fight for each other instead of against one another.

5. Love - Oh the glorious word of Love! The type of love I am mentioning is Agape Love. As a leader, my love is: I love to see those under me be successful. I love to see others blessed in their families. I love to see others accomplish things beyond their wildest dreams, and I will go the extra mile to help them rise. Towards my leader, I love to see them rise. I love to see them be blessed. I love to see their vision be brought together, and I don't mind giving them my best effort to help them. This kind of love can only make a working relationship grow and be successful. If it's not for love, why do you do what you do? Love both ways in a relationship can set the tone for your environment and system.

I hope this post was some help to those of you that needed some direction on maintaining a great working relationship with others. Even if the working relationship is coming to an end, I am a firm believer that the relationship does not have to end on bad terms but can still end with the five elements mentioned in this post on how to maintain a relationship. I am a believer that if you are the type who always have to end a relationship on bad terms that you may have never had any of these elements involved in your relationship and should try some of them to come to better solutions. All in all, relationships matter and great relationships can make things thrive and I encourage you to evaluate your relationships and set them up to thrive.