Sunday, May 22, 2016

People Builders

Why did you decide to become a coach?  Is it to help people?  Is it to win games?  Is it to be in authority? Is it simply out of a love and passion for the game?

Whatever your reason, have you began to develop your purpose on a deeper and more fulfilling level?  If you have been coaching for more than five years, I hope the answer to this is YES.  Hopefully by now you see the effect you can have on players, coaches and community members and you choose to use that in a positive way.  Our young people are the future leaders for our world and we have to prepare them to take this opportunity to serve, lead and uplift others.

The new trend of players speaking out against coaches has risen concern for several fellow coaches but the truth is, if we commit to building people in a positive way - there is nothing for them to speak out about.  Yet instead they will tell their friends and family about how much they enjoy being pushed to be great when they know it comes from a loving place.  Now this concept is rare to find because most people are about themselves.  Its ok - that is human nature!   As we grow and become more aware of our purpose, and how valuable it is to give someone hope rather than tear them down then we have reached a richer and more meaningful way of living.  As we continue in this light we can see our surroundings improve because we are giving so selflessly to the betterment of others who will intern give back to us.

So I circle back around to the question - Why did you decide to become a coach?  And I add on to it - Have you made the choice to use the position to build people around you?