Monday, October 6, 2014

Team Camaraderie

CAMARADERIE is the spirit of good fellowship. It’s the mutual trust and friendship that emerges among people who spend a lot of time together.  The importance of camaraderie in a sports locker room or act of play is significant. No matter what kind of team sport it may be, a united dressing room or environment is indicative of a team that will function more effectively than one where players are bickering or feuding. Teams often take measures to ensure that players have the opportunity to develop camaraderie. For example, during a long road trip, teams are often encouraged to dine together, particularly early in the season when not every player is familiar with their teammates. Teamwork on the court or field also leads to stronger relationships. Using a hockey example, football offensive linemen must spend plenty of time together formulating game run and pass block strategies, then executing them on the on the field. This time spent together can help build stronger relationships away from the away from football.
Over the course of a season, athletes will experience periods of success and periods of failure. A group of players with a strong sense of camaraderie will be able to provide those in a slump with the support necessary to help snap out of it when adversity comes. This is done through regular encouragement during games and practices, and can extend to off-the-field or court gestures, as well. Why do you see different teams with special team slogans or team rituals they do before practice or games or just in general? It’s the perfect way to build team camaraderie and doing these kinds of things gives each team member an individual sense of ownership over the common team goal they are trying to reach and also provides the motivation to stand by one another in tough times.

Great teams make an attempt to be on the same page. Great teams are there for one another in times of need. Great teams push harder when adversity comes along. Great teams never hang their heads. Great teams will respect each other and respect the game they play. Lastly, great teams want to do everything they can to be defined as GREAT and that’s CAMARADERIE!