Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The definition of Swish is; sink (a shot) without the ball touching the backboard or rim.

     The crowd and even players seem to go wild all the time when a player shoots the ball and it goes swish; straight into the net, no backboard and no rim.  Now just think, how did that shot go swish?  The shot went swish because of the work ethic and practice of form shooting the player has done to perfect great shooting efficiency.  A lot of players and fans want to see the results of the swish shot but don't really understand the process that goes into that kind of shooting, especially players.  One would ask, how do I get that kind of efficiency?  Here are a few tips:

1. You have to have a strong work ethic and a high motivation to get better.
2. You have to really think about the process of shooting rather than the results all the time.  The process includes: Squaring up to the goal, bent knee position, elbows tucked in, ball in the pocket of your shooting hand, jumping up into your shot releasing the ball at it's highest peak, follow through with your elbows above your eyelids, and flick your wrist.
3. Practice tip #2 over and over and over again!  You have to practice #2 even when you are laying down in your bed without a basketball.
4. You have to make it a goal to make, not shoot, but to make at least 100 jump shots a day which would be a minimum.  Also, your last shot of the day, has to be a make so you can finish on good and positive note; Confidence Builder!

   Coaches, make sure you are encouraging your players to concentrate on the process to get the results they are looking for and players, listen to your coaches when this encouragement comes.  It's always a great feeling to see a player working hard on their skills and they start getting the production they are seeking due to the process they stick to. As for shooting, or being a great shooter to start swishing some shots; it all boils down to are you going to be just a shooter or a maker?  Makers get Swishes!!