Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Art of Passing

Great passing is so vital to the game of basketball. A great passer can sometimes be hard to come by and when you find one or develope one on your team there are more possibilities of weapons within your playbook. How to look for a great passer and how can you develope someone to be a good passer?

How to look for a good passer? 3 tips: 

1. Look for a high basketball IQ player and one who understands the highs and lows of a basketball game.
2. Look for a player who exploits some creativity on the basketball court.
3. Look for a player with the ability to pass the ball with both right and left hand and also can be explosive with a chest or overhead pass.

How to develope someone to be a good passer? 3 tips:

1. Have the player watch footage of other great passers in the game of basketball.
2. Have the player watch film of themselves passing the ball during the act of play and really disect their decision making.
3. Create good passing drills with tough angles and tough decision making situations the player can think and react to.