Thursday, May 8, 2014


     DEFENSE!! Who thinks defense doesn't win championships? Everyone knows that saying "offense sale's tickets and puts people in the stands." Although that may be true and all but let's not forget that the game of basketball has allways been about buckets and if defense stops a team from getting buckets, how could a team win or how would that saying "offense sale's tickets and puts people in the stands " apply. If the score of a game was 115 - 116, one team got a defensive stop at some point to help their team have an opportunity to score one more point then the other team. As you can see, that's an example of a little defense probably at the right time of the game helping to win the game. 
      I hear people debating all the time about defense vs offense and which one they would rather have. Both sides of the ball definitely has it's benefits separately and to one another. I have to say I would choose DEFENSE everytime. Defense, when taught properly to players as far as their body position, hands and feet activity, eye coordination, IQ, and mentality about defense within your defensive philosophy is a beautiful thing to watch. When all those defensive skills are getting steals, rebounds, and other 50/50 balls to set up your offense to get easy transition buckets fueling your team's confidence on offense and igniting the crowd, how could you not love defense? Some of the greatest players to play the game, killed you on offense and then would stop their opponent from scoring by playing defense. 
     When you think about it, when you can stop the other team from scoring by playing good defense, and you score points on offense that's the true meaning of out scoring the other team. DEFENSE would be a great ground base to start a game plan incase you would ever have to wonder. Defense can pull you through ugly games when all else fells. What's your prospective on defense? Which side of of the ball are you for, offense or defense?