Sunday, April 20, 2014

Passion, Determination and Faith

We all are blessed to be able to do something that we love which is play or coach the game of basketball.  What makes the game fun for our fans is seeing that passion when we step out on the court!  They love to see teams working together, coaches competing and waiting to see who will finish as the winner.  The fight and determination that we show during games proves how much faith we have in our ability to win!  When everyone on the team truly believes that they can win then they will play hard, fight longer and show their passion for basketball. 

If you feel like you have lacked in either of these areas, then challenge yourself to determine if you truly have faith in your ability to win?  If you don't first have faith, then you will not persevere through adversity and you will quit when things don't go your way.  Every championship winner knows that adversity will come, but if you have faith, then your determination and passion will fuel you through anything that comes your way!  #BeBlessed