Sunday, April 27, 2014

Creating Space

As the offensive player in basketball, you must create space to shoot a high percentage shot. There is a difference between a good shot and a bad shot.  Which makes shot selection a top priority for athletes to study and understand. 

So how do you create space for a shot?

*watch film to evaluate the quality of shots you are taking
*develop your game to go to the ball on the catch and in triple threat position
*be ready at all times to shoot first, pass second and dribble third
*improve your moving without the ball - must be in shape to do this consistently
*cut off screens low and squared up to the goal
*screen & roll/screen & pop scenarios
*slip screens
*using cuts (L, V, flare, back door)
*1 on 1 moves to get around defense should be developed daily!
*pump fakes
*jab steps
*pass fakes
*step backs
*combination moves will be beneficial once defenses adjust to the moves your making

Every player should have these basic skills developed daily in some type of way. Players that shoot the ball with a defender already in their face should not be surprised by a blocked shot or missed jumper. Make a move and get around the defense to shoot a wide open shot. Get to the rim with authority around the defense and not through bodies.

These are some basic ways of creating space and will benefit players and coaches to develop these skills.