Monday, January 20, 2014

Appreciation is the Answer

There are so many issues with "entitlement" when dealing with this generation.  After having some true highs and lows with your team, you may be wondering how you can get them to stay hungry and work hard for what they want in life.  So many times, players seem to forget to focus on what they have and be appreciative of that.  It may be because they don't know the sacrifices that were made to create the opportunities they have today.
Webster’s Dictionary defines appreciation as an ability to understand worth, quality, or importance of something.  After thinking about the definition, maybe the problem is players do not understand the worth of their opportunity to play basketball.  So when you hear someone say they are depressed, miserable or just unhappy with their circumstances, try shedding some light on the things they can be thankful for .  Reflect on the history that so many people fought so that they can be where they are today.  To take the appreciation a step further, take some time to engage in a selfless cause that will help someone else.

With today being such a special day of celebration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. life's work, it is the perfect opportunity to remind players of our nation’s history.  The battles fought and won so that they may have equal opportunity to do what they love to do which is play basketball.  Think about the people who died so that we may live a better life than them.  The war is still not over and I wonder if players think about what they can do today that may one day pave the way for the next generation.  If you only live to better yourself, your works will not last.  Ask your players to answer this question:  "What legacy are you leaving that will benefit someone else?"