Sunday, November 3, 2013

Teaching Humility

Teaching Humility

A lot of people take their lives for granted and forget just how precious the opportunity of life is.  As basketball players, we have the unique opportunity to play a sport we love and pursue education at the same time.  Both are a privilege. 


San Jacinto College Women's Basketball Team at Children's Hospital 10-25-13

How do I teach my players humility?

One way to teach humility is through community service.  Not just getting into the community to show face, instead to engage people around you to learn their story.  We like to take our team to different types of environments to show them that everyone does not get to wake up and do something they love everyday.  Some people have not had that opportunity or are in the hospital fighting for their lives.  Anything involved with kids is always nice because we get to give some inspiration to the up and coming generation.  We always tell our players to get their name and talk to them.  Learn something about them that you could relate to like "Do you both have an older brother?" or "Is your favorite food pizza?"  This makes the conversation more personal and gives a connection.

Why teach humility?

We all should feel humility each day that we wake up to see another day.  If we are not giving back to someone else and engulfing ourselves with helping others, then we are not doing our society any justice.  We cannot sit back and wait on someone else to initiate change.  I like to inspire my players with: "If you want change, then you have to change something you are doing"