Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love of The Game

A lot of people say that they love this game but do they really?? One who says they love the game should really sat and ask themselves if they do or not player or coach. As the years go by I hear more and more of that statement "I love the game of basketball" I look at them when they say it and in their eyes they don't really understand the work ethic that goes into having success as a player or coach in this game. Sometimes once they realize the hard work it takes some people go toward a different path or direction. 

Hard work and dedication to what you believe in within the game of basketball is what brings you success. The next time you are sitting there thinking about the game or even when you are discussing the game with another person, ask yourself,"Do I really love this game like I say I do?" If you really can't answer that question then you might need a different direction but if you can please keep the love and respect for this game and never take it for granted. This will keep you humble and hungry and not get caught up in the glame and fame that comes with it. Always remember the work it takes to get to that point.